C. A. Lind

"Eclectic Chameleon" and C. A. Lind are synonymous. Mr. Lind used his "Electronic Orchestra," whose instruments are listed elsewhere, to create the exciting and unique sounds and rhythms on this CD. These sounds are a product of both his lively imagination and creativity, drawing on his years as a composer/arranger for the Washington, D.C. Navy Band.

Creating even one original piece not only takes a creative mind and a thorough knowledge of all of the pieces of equipment Lind used, but many hours spent laying down the different tracks, and refining all of the music before it can be considered a "finished" product.

In listening to these recorded Christmas Carols, you will find that each and every one has its own distinct rhythm, timbres, innovative use of percussion and use of "sampled" sound. One could go into much detail explaining all of the things that Lind had to do to realize this musical "montage," but perhaps this isn't even necessary. We hope you will agree with us that the music speaks for itself!

Mr. Lind has been "playing" a computer for some ten years and in terms of mastering a musical instrument, this is really a fairly short time. He has, however, spent some 37 years developing his musical skills as a listener, as a performing instrumentalist, and as a composer. All of these musical skills have been utilized in order for him to be able to create the unique and beautiful sounds you hear on this CD.

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