Svetlana Potanina

Russian pianist Svetlana Potanina began her musical studies when she was only 5 years old and gave her first concert at the tender age of 8. After graduating from the Central Music School for gifted children, she studied with Boris Zemlyansky at the Moscow State Conservatory. Her first international musical recognition came when she participated at the Giovanni Battista Viotta musical competition in Italy.

This led to an active concert career and a teaching position at the Moscow State Conservatory. In 1978 Ms. Potanina was awarded a gold medal at the International Festival named after Katya Popova in Bulgaria and a medal for the development of the arts. As a concert artist she has toured in 42 countries and played in many of the most prestigious concert halls.

SVETLANA POTANINA was awarded 2002 Best Creative Project and Best Pianist of the Year in an event sponsored by the publishing house of the advertising and informational magazine “Best of the Best” (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Department of the Russian Agency of Economic Safety and Risk Management, ROOSMS “For the Single World Community”).

“Svetlana a brightly-expressed lyricist...Her Chopin (BR125) is not the author of the little dance pieces, but a creator of the impressionistic images, of the thin and sometimes deeply concealed moods, of the expressive little scenes of everyday life...The new CD of Svetlana Potanina is a worthy addition to Chopin’s legacy, an addition valued very highly, like it deserves to be valued, by the worshipers of the art of piano performance.”
Leo Ginsburg, Meritorious Representative of the Arts, Russia

“Svetlana Potanina (BR 131) theatrically conveys the thoughts of the composer and overcomes seemingly insurmountable musical complexities with an amazing lightness.”
A. Kandinsky, Doctor of Arts

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