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About Brioso Recordings®

Classical Music CD's - Classical Music DVD's

Brioso Recordings®, classical music CD's - DVD's. Browse our online catalog, listen to sound clips, read reviews and artist bio's, order CD's - DVD's online, about us.

BRIOSO Recordings® is deeply committed to producing compact discs which adhere not only to the highest standards of manufacture in the industry, but to make available to the listener music that is outstanding in every possible sense of the word. In addition to the above, there is a specially formulated seal coat layer added on top of the metal of the CD to protect it from damage and/or corrosion. BRIOSO Recordings® wants you to enjoy your CDs for a very long time...and perhaps your children and their children as well.

J. Jones, President
Brioso Recordings®

"I think it is quite possible that the creative future of classical recording lies with the small labels who develop a few artists in whom they believe rather than with large labels that think mostly in terms of "product" and marketing. The first requirement for making a significant contribution in any branch of the art of music is that you must love what you are doing; you must be irresistibly drawn toward what is good, true, and beautiful, and you must be able to share this enthusiasm with your audience. Having examined the first releases on the Brioso label I believe that this small company is motivated by these principles. Every record I have heard bearing the Brioso name exists because the musicians and the producers passionately wanted it to exist. I can think of no stronger recommendation".

Joseph McLellan
Music Critic Emeritus
The Washington Post

BRIOSO RECORDINGS® distributed by the following companies:

Interdisc Distribution Inc., Lanoraie, Qc, Canada
International Sound Archive P.O. Box 860 408, 81631 Munich, Germany

Brioso Recordings®, classical music CD's, classical music DVD's, classical music Videos, classical music cuts and download classical music. Sound clips, reviews, artist bio's, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart to Chopin. Your listening pleasure is assured. Our commitment to quality recordings is found in the end product, your listening pleasure. You can purchase any of our classical music CD's or classical music DVD's online from our web site. Should you have questions or comments concerning our recordings or artists, please use our online contact page, Contact Us .

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